Cloud Accountants

At Caprica Online Accountants we believe the future of accounting resides in the cloud.

What is the cloud?

‘The Cloud’ is a pretty ambiguous term but it generally means that data is stored on the internet and can be accessed from a normal computer through a web browser (no installations!). In accounting terms this means that the days of a local server hosting clunky Sage are over.

The benefits for small business

Accounting in the cloud is perfect for small businesses. Advantages include:

  • Clear real time visibility of your finances, the days of receiving irrelevant annual accounts seven months late are over
  • Access from any internet browser or smart phone, wherever you are.
  • Intuitive easy to use software
  • Constant information sharing with your accountant
  • Connect your accounting software to your bank to automatically import your financial data
  • Better value
  • Scalable systems that can grow with your business

Your Caprica Accountant always by your side

Our clients often comment on something unusual about how this works, although we haven’t made a large portion of our accountants ‘in real life’ our clients feel that they are much closer to their accountant than they were to their previous local but old-fashioned accountant.

We really care about being accessible and available for our clients. If you like to communicate by email we will always reply within 24 hours . If you like to phone up we will be here to answer.

Cloud Accountants that get it

If you are interested in a firm of accountants that really ‘get’ the cloud please see what we can offer and get in touch.