About Us

At Caprica Online Accountants we believe that smart use of the internet transforms the level of accounting support available to small businesses.

A fast, friendly and responsive service

We always strive to return calls and emails within a few hours, we may not have the answer right away but we want our clients to know we have received their question and are working on an answer.

Technology that makes accounting and collaboration easy

We love technology. When it’s used well it can save everyone time and significantly increase the value of the service provided.

We provide our clients with Xero Online Accounting Software because it’s quite simply the best accounting software in the world for Small Businesses.

We understand small businesses

To advise our clients well we make every effort to understand exactly what their business does and how they make money.

We understand the pressures of being a small business owner. We want to do everything we can to help small businesses minimise the time they spend on bookkeeping and compliance and maximise the time they spend growing their businesses and relaxing.