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At Caprica Online Accountants we believe that smart use of the internet transforms the level of accounting support available to small businesses.

A fast, friendly and responsive service

We always strive to return calls and emails within a few hours, we may not have the answer right away but we want our clients to know we have received their question and are working on an answer.

Our Services

How we help

As Contractor Accountants we understand the specific tax and accounting requirements of limited company contractors.

  • We ensure you claim all the tax deductible expenses that you are entitled to

  • We complete all your accounts and tax returns well ahead of deadlines and provide you with clarity over your future tax payments.

Professional Intelligence® by the Academy for Professional Intelligence (TAPI)®

Caprica Online Accountants strongly recommends employing the principals of Professional Intelligence® financial planning. TAPI® promotes money savings, financial and wealth planning for building financial resilience as a holistical approach to saving money, using emotional, social, financial and physical intelligence. This is a firm of Chartered Accountants, which emulates key information which you would normally receive from a one to one financial coach.

TAPI is offering a free savvy savings Blueprint course, that helps you save money and financially plan in a strategic Here